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How to brand your products to stand out, be seen & sold

Class #3 – Available Instantly:

Marketing Blueprint Behind the scenes of the 48 Hour Case Study – Part 1

Class #4 – Available Instantly:

Amazon PPC Ads Behind the scenes of the 48 Hour Case Study – Part 2

Effective ad strategies to scale what’s working and drop what’s not.


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Customers reviews


Andrea has paved the way to add multiple 5 figures of revenue PER MONTH by identifying successful products, optimizing existing listings, and working Amazon in our favor. She is always quick on the trigger and is knowledgeable about all things Amazon. In the rare occurrence she doesn’t have an immediate answer she is quick to utilize her resources and network to retrieve the solution. She has become a vital part of our team and thrives with our ever changing and fast paced way of life.

Parker – Owner, DE